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Algorithms of Ancestral Gene Length Reconstruction

Table 2

Protein lengths of the chemotaxis signal transduction proteins. Archaeal part of COG0835.

Number COGLengthGenome name

1835160Archaeoglobus  fulgidus DSM 4304
29835144Haloarcula  marismortui ATCC 43049
29835328Haloarcula  marismortui ATCC 43049
30835132Halobacterium  salinarum R1
30835178Halobacterium  salinarum R1
31835132Halobacterium sp. NRC-1
31835178Halobacterium sp. NRC-1
39835159Methanococcoides  burtonii DSM 6242
41835146Methanococcus  maripaludis C5
42835146Methanococcus  maripaludis C6
43835146Methanococcus  maripaludis C7
44835147Methanococcus  maripaludis S2
46835182Methanosarcina  acetivorans C2A
46835184Methanosarcina  acetivorans C2A
47835173Methanosarcina  barkeri str. fusaro
48835159Methanosarcina  mazei Go1
48835189Methanosarcina  mazei Go1
50835124Methanospirillum  hungatei JF-1
167Methanospirillum  hungatei JF-1
50835169Methanospirillumhungatei JF-1
50835169Methanospirillum  hungatei JF-1
50835174Methanospirillumhungatei JF-1
50835176Methanospirillum  hungatei JF-1
50835183Methanospirillum  hungatei JF-1
50835187Methanospirillum  hungatei JF-1
50835189Methanospirillum  hungatei JF-1
50835190Methanospirillum  hungatei JF-1
50835198Methanospirillum  hungatei JF-1
50835200Methanospirillum  hungatei JF-1
50835344Methanospirillum  hungatei JF-1
50835779Methanospirillum  hungatei JF-1

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