(a) IgE
(b) IgG1
(c) IgG2a
Figure 3: Allergen-specific antibodies after subcutaneous coinjection of allergen and particles. Serum levels of OVA-specific IgE (a), IgG1 (b), and IgG2a (c) 26 days after subcutaneous injection into one hind footpad of 10 µg OVA alone (white bars) or together with 200 µg CNF (samples A, B, C, and D; black bars) or ufCBP (light grey bars). On day 21, all mice were boosted with 10 µg OVA in the footpad. Values (ng or arbitrary units (AU) per mL) for individual mice (circles) and median values (columns) for groups of eight mice are shown. If values were outside the dynamic range of the ELISA assays, the dotted lines indicate the lower or upper quantitative detection limits for the assays. Asterisk denotes significant differences compared to the OVA group, ** , * . Brackets denote statistically significant differences between the particle groups, .