Figure 4: Distribution of mucins in isopycnic gradient. Identification of mucins from conditioned medium produced after 21-day primary cultures of adenoid epithelium, and obtained after centrifugation in an isopycnic gradient. (a) Slot blot of the glycosylated material made dye and proteins visible with PAS and was evidenced by Amido black, for the 18 fractions of the gradient. Low density fractions correspond to higher content of proteins while high density fractions to glycoproteins. (b) Analysis of the distribution of glycosylated material (red circles) and proteins (blue circles) from (a). The straight line corresponds to the lineal regression ( ) of the density of the fractions (g/mL) (b) and (c). (c) Mono and polyclonal antibodies were used to evidence the presence of MUC5B (square fill), MUC4 (circles empty), MUC16 (square empty) and MUC5AC (circles fill). The normalized pixels, in all cases, correspond to the intensity of pixels under the curve, horizontally quantified, divided by the average value of intensity for each condition.