Figure 4: Mean body weight change over a period of 22 days after arthritis induction. Each valuerepresents the mean ± SEM of per group. A gradual increase in the body weight of normal control group was observed throughout the course of 22-day experiment. The arthritic control group demonstrated a significant decrease in their body weight from day 4 (* ) onward. When compared to normal control, the indomethacin- and NHAG-treated arthritic group showed a decline in their body weight from days 14 and 12, achieved significance on day 18 (*δ ) and 12 (*‡ ), respectively. However, the reduction was significantly lower when compared to the arthritic control group on day 8 (δ ) and day 12 ( ) and continued till end of experiment (** ) and (*** ) for indomethacin- and NHAG-treated groups, resp.).