Table 1: Relationships between endophytic/rhizosphere bacterial assemblages and climate features of different regions using nonparametric multivariate multiple regression analysis (DISTLM). Partial (conditional) test where the amount explained by each variable added to the model is conditional on variables already in the model.

VariableITTNETAIC % Var% CumulRes. df

Annual rainfall (mm)809.1561.139.7110.0927.7490.004828.38828.3887
Summer rainfall (mm)>0.0516.97345.3626
Average rainfall (mm)910109.660>0.05<0.000145.3626
Max temperature (°C)313035109.660>0.05<0.000145.3626
Min temperature (°C)192123109.660>0.05<0.000145.3626
Average temperature (°C)2525.529109.660>0.05<0.000145.3626
Irradiation (w/m2)720870880109.660>0.05<0.000145.3626

AIC: coefficient of regression; : value of pseudo ; : significance of ; % Var: percentage of variance explained by each single variable; % Cumul: cumulative percentage of variance explained; Res. df: residual degrees of freedom.