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Identification of Protein Complex Associated with LYT1 of Trypanosoma cruzi

Figure 1

Diagrams representing the pTREXn-EGFP and pTREXn-LYT1s+n-EGFP constructs, transcripts, and protein products (not to scale). The presence and relative position of trans-splicing acceptor sites (SAS1 and SAS2), miniexon (ME), translations initiation sites (ATG1 and ATG2), signal sequence (SS), nuclear localization sequence (NLS), and cleavage site (CS) are shown for the mRNA (EGFP mRNA, LYT1s-EGFP mRNA, and LYT1n-EGFP mRNA) and corresponding proteins (EGFP, LYT1s-EGFP, and LYT1-EGFP). Striped boxes represent EGFP sequences. Arrowheads pointing to filled boxes represent LYT1 sequences. Restriction sites are given. Details of the plasmid construction are described in “Section 2.”