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Identification of Protein Complex Associated with LYT1 of Trypanosoma cruzi

Figure 3

The LYT1 interaction profile. (a) Control gel (beads) composed of the same support material as the coimmunoprecipitation gel but not activated, a nonrelevant antibody (α-GST), and a quenched antibody coupling gel (quenched beads) were used as nonspecific interaction controls. (b) Protein extracts from EGFP and LYT1s+n-EGFP transgenic parasites were processed by immunoprecipitation with an α-EGFP antibody. Molecular weight markers (left of the gel), calculated molecular weights of the interaction products, and band numbers (to the right of the gel) are indicated. The positions of recombinant proteins are indicated with black spots. (c) A western blot containing the EGFP and LYT1s+n-EGFP coimmunoprecipitation products was probed with α-EGFP antibodies. Representative results of three independent experiments are shown.