Research Article

Characterization of Cardiac-Resident Progenitor Cells Expressing High Aldehyde Dehydrogenase Activity

Figure 6

Ex vivo culture-expansion of atrial cells (a). Photomicrographs of cells cultured for 7 and 12 days in MesenCult medium. cells were dead by day 7 (b). Growth curves of cells in different growth media. Cells were cultured in MesenCult medium up to P10 (arrow). From P11 on, MesenCult was either maintained or replaced by RPMI/FCS. Symbols (squares and diamonds) indicate cell passage (no data available from P1 to P7; dotted line) (c). AlamarBlue assay on cells (P40) cultured in either MesenCult or RPMI/FCS (AR%: percent AlamarBlue reduction) (d). Dose-response study of Imatinib with respect to growth inhibition of expanded cells (P25).