Table 1: Treadmill walking parameters and functional outcomes1.

BWS (%)Speed (Km/h)R and L foot liftersGuidance force by the Robot (%)ClonusExtensor spasticity (SCATS)Manual muscle testing6 min walk30 sec chair-stand testTime up and go

Before robotic gait training

501.8None1001L/0R0L/0RR leg = 24/25
L leg = 16/25
269 m using quad cane12 reps11.3 sec using quad can

After robotic gait training

153.2None151L/0R0L/0RR leg = 24/25
L leg = 17/25
335 m using quad cane21 reps9.1 sec using quad cane

1BWS: body weight support; extensor spasticity grade is based on the spinal cord assessment tool for spasticity (SCATS): where subjects are positioned supine, the lower limb is rapidly moved into passive extension, and the severity of quadriceps contraction is scored; R: right, L: left; 0: no reaction to stimulus; 1: mild quadriceps contraction between 1–3 seconds.