Figure 2: Actions of L-DOPA on DA-depleted striatal microcircuit. (a) Raster plot showing neuronal activity before and during the administration of 1 μM L-DOPA into the bath saline (black bar). Note that neuronal activity is reduced during L-DOPA. L-DOPA actions are reversible. (b) Summed neuronal activity histogram: abundant peaks of neurons firing in synchrony are present before and after but not during L-DOPA present in the bath saline. (c), (d) Cumulative activity and cumulative cell recruitment in the DA-depleted microcircuit both before (black traces) and during L-DOPA administration (red traces). (e), (f) Tukey box plots showing samples distributions of cumulative activity and cumulative cell recruitment, respectively. Neuronal activity is significantly different when one compares DA-depletion versus either control ( ) or L-DOPA ( ). Difference between control and L-DOPA samples is not significant.