Figure 7: Colony forming units of C. albicans strain ATCC 10231 after incubation with variable concentrations of chitosan under different conditions. Nonstarved cells (10 mg wet weight) were incubated for 10 min at 30°C in YPD, or 10 mM MES-TEA buffer, pH 6.0 plus the indicated additions in a final volume of 1 mL with the indicated chitosan amounts. Then, 5 μL of a 10,000-fold dilution was spread in plates of solid YPD medium, and colonies were counted after 48 h. Tracings of incubations as indicated in the chart with buffer (B) plus: ○: 20 mM glucose (G 20); : 20 mM glucose and 10 mM KCl (K); ▲: 110 mM glucose (G110); ■: 110 mM glucose and 10 mM KCl; : 20 mM glucose and 2% bactopeptone (Bact); ×: 20 mM glucose and 1% yeast extract (YE); and □: YPD; ●: YD.