Table 1: Kinetic constants of 86Rb+ uptake; effect of chitosan on the strain C. albicans ATCC 10231. Uptake of 86Rb+ was measured incubating 12.5 mg of starved cells in 10 mM MES-TEA, pH 6.0, and 20 mM glucose, 0.5 mL final volume, in the absence or presence of chitosan, 20 μg·mL−1 plus the indicated amounts of chitosan in a water bath at 30°C. After 2 min, 0.1 to 0.6 mM of 86RbCl was added. After two more minutes, aliquots of 0.1 mL were taken which were filtered through a 0.25 μm nitrocellulose filter and washed twice with 0.5 mL of 10 mM CaCl2. The filters were then dried and placed in vials with scintillation liquid and counted in a Beckman scintillation counter ( = 7).

Km, mM , μEq g−1 in 2 min

Control0.41 0.08 8.7 1.24
Chitosan2.30 0.058.9 3.8