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Development of a Generic Microfluidic Device for Simultaneous Detection of Antibodies and Nucleic Acids in Oral Fluids

Figure 1

Rheonix processor platform (controller) and CARD technologies. (A) Controller box with integrated vacuum and pressure pump system. A manifold forms the interface between the controller box and the CARD; in the magnified top view the heating module and the solenoid connections (ports) are indicated. Vacuum and pressure ballast tanks are integrated within the controller box. (B (a)) panel showing a minimal schematic of the basic 3-layer PS CARD structure with 2 small and one larger diaphragm (valves/pumps); (B (b)) a top down view of the 3-layer laminated structure shown in panel (B (a)) (without any reservoirs mounted). (C) Diagram showing the valve operations required for peristaltic fluid movement in the CARD.