Table 2: Total carbon (C), nitrogen (N), lignin, hemicellulose, and cellulose contents (values expressed on a dry matter basis) of the substrates used for mushroom cultivation experiments.

Substrates1C2 (% d.w.)N2 (% d.w.)C : N2C : N3Lignin2 (g kg−1)Hemicellulose2 (g kg−1)Cellulose2 (g kg−1)

TPOMW 20%49.980.7269.4260.44224242334
TPOMW 40%47.790.8953.7046.12261288305
TPOMW 60%44.120.9944.5737.57296317271
cTPOMW 20%42.020.9345.1840.55221220321
cTPOMW 40%40.341.0538.4235.46250222287
cTPOMW 60%37.761.2430.4528.74273223231

1WS: wheat straw; TPOMW: raw two-phase olive mill waste; cTPOMW: composted two-phase olive mill waste. Percentage values following TPOMW refer to its respective content (w/w) in the cultivation substrate.
2Values for substrates prior to any wheat bran amendment.
3Values after amendment of wheat bran.