Figure 2: rhSLPI inhibits neutrophil chemotaxis. (a) and (b) An increase in chemotactic inhibition efficiency of increasing concentrations of SLPI (120, 240, and 480 nM). The chemotactic index represents the ratio of neutrophils that migrated towards fMLP (1 μM) or IL-8 (1.2 nM) over 30 min at 37°C. (c) and (d) fMLP and IL-8-induced mean chemotactic index of neutrophils (2.5 × 105cells/200 μL) isolated from individuals with CF ( ) or individuals with COPD ( ), in the presence (□) or absence (■) of 480 nM SLPI. Results illustrated were performed in triplicate and each bar is the mean ± S.E. * or ** versus untreated control cells (Con) with statistical significance calculated by Student’s -test.