Figure 2: Iron effect on the protein expression of TvLEGU-1. (A) Silver-stained 2DE pattern of protease-rich extracts, corresponding to the 30-kDa region from (a) parasites grown in iron-rich (H) or (b) iron-depleted (L) conditions. (c) and (d) 2DE WB assays of duplicated gels (a) and (b) transferred onto NC membranes and incubated with the anti-TvLEGU-1r antibody (1 : 5000 dilution). pI, direction of IEF using IPG Ready-strips (linear gradient of pH 4–7; Bio-Rad). Numbers 1–3 show the position of the distinct TvLEGU-1 protein spots. (B) Landscape representation of the densitometric analysis of the three TvLEGU-1 protein spots of (a) and (b) silver-stained gels and (c) and (d) WB shown in (A) was carried out with the Melanie and PDQuest (Bio-Rad) programs. Numbers 1–3 correspond to the protein spots of TvLEGU-1.