Figure 5: TvLEGU-1 is also localized in lysosomes and Golgi complex of T. vaginalis. (A) Parasites grown in iron-rich and labeled with LysoTracker were fixed, blocked, and incubated with the anti-TvLEGU-1r antibody (1 : 100 dilution) and a secondary antibody coupled to FITC stained in green; lysosomes were stained in red with LysoTracker, LysoT; and nuclei in blue with DAPI. The samples were analyzed by confocal microscopy. (B) Immunogold labeling of thin cryosections of parasites using the anti-TvLEGU-1r antibody at 1 : 100 dilution. The samples were analyzed by transmission electron microscopy. The labeling is observed on (a) Golgi complex (G) and (b) vesicles similar to lysosomes (L). Bars: 200 nm and 300 nm, respectively.