Table 3: The average number of T. vaginalis parasites attached to HeLa cell monolayers per coverslip with or without treatment using different proteinase inhibitors (Figure 8(B)).

TreatmentParasites attachedInhibition (%)

MA (5  M)b742
MA (10  M)556
MA (50  M)301
TLCK (1 mM)622
Leupeptin (0.2 mM)898
E-64 (0.18 mM)662

aNone corresponds to the control parasites without treatment with CP inhibitors. The number of parasites attached to the HeLa cell monolayer was taken as 100% adherence for comparative purpose. bMA corresponds to the Aza-Peptidyl Michael Acceptor, a legumain-specific inhibitor. These differences were statistically significant with a P < 0.001 (Figure 8(B)).