Figure 2: Characterization of digested BAC vector and PFGE size fractionation of digested HMW by Hind III. (a) Characterization of digested vector by electrophoresis; M: 1 kb DNA ladder; 1: BAC vector digested by Hind III; 2: BAC vector digested by BamH I and Xho I; (b) initial PFGE size fractionation of partially digested HMW; M: Lamda Ladder PFG Marker; 1, 5, 10, 15, 20, and 50 U/μgDNA, respectively; (c) second-size selection PFGE, used to eliminate smaller DNA molecules; M: Lamda Ladder PFG Marker; 100–200 kb, 200–300 kb, 300–400 kb, respectively; (d) quantification of Wuzhishan miniature pig genomic DNA.1: 100–200 kb DNA; 2: 200–300 kb DNA; 3: 300–400 kb DNA.