Table 1: Commercial properties of GNPs and the rat doses used in this study.

Commercial preparationEffective dosage/animal/day* Shape**
GNPSizeNumber of particles (concentration)Volume Au Number of GNPs

MKN-Au-01010 nm5.7 × 1012/mL
(0.01% Au/mL)
50 μL5 μg2.85 ×

MKN-Au-05050 nm4.5 × 1010/mL
(0.01% Au/mL)
50 μL5 μg2.25 ×

This dose is approximately equivalent to 22 μg/kg bodyweight of rat. **TEM images showing that the shape of 10 nm GNP is spherical and that of 50 nm GNP is hexagonal.