Research Article

Genetic Dissection of New Genotypes of Drumstick Tree (Moringa oleifera Lam.) Using Random Amplified Polymorphic DNA Marker

Table 2

RAPD polymorphic primers and their sequence ID.

No.Synthesis IDSequence gnmol

1OPA_175′-GAC CGC TTG T-3′10133.5
2OPA_195′-CAA ACG TCG G-3′9334.5
3OPB_175′-AGG GAA CGA G-3′8527.1
4OPBC_105′-AAC GTC GAG G-3′16052
5OPBD_185′-ACG CAC ACT C-3′17960.6
6OPBD_195′-GGT TCC TCT C-3′18161.1
7OPF_205′-GAG GAT CCC T-3′9531.3
8OPH_195′-CTG ACC AGC C-3′10033.7
9OPO_35′-CTG TTG CTA C-3′10334.6
10OPM_65′-CTG GGC AAC T-3′10032.9
11OPM_85′-TCT GTT CCC C-3′11037.5
12OPQ_25′-TCT GTC GGT C-3′10434.5