Table 1: Baseline characteristics of the study population#.

Total group ( )Survivors ( )Nonsurvivors ( )
MeanSD MeanSDMeanSD

Tbil*** mg/dL9.136.788.045.3714.319.95
Alb*** g/dL3.020.543.140.492.490.44
PT*** s16.614.2915.863.6320.175.37
Crea mg/dL1.100.941.
Na** mEq/L136.255.01136.854.62133.405.88
ALT U/L73.3064.6374.4369.0667.9537.82
AST U/L155.36105.06155.76112.14153.5063.33
AP** U/L 179.68102.39168.5492.79235.35130.48
GGT U/L927.001279.591007.801374.00494.47307.53
WBC*  103/ L10.176.399.585.9612.937.70
Hgb g/dL11.501.8711.571.9811.171.25
RBC 106/ L3.460.653.500.663.250.56
PLT 103/ L147.2885.39148.0387.70143.7075.38
CRP* mg/L39.2052.1634.3250.3161.4255.94
Gender M/F72/4461/3411/10
Ascites*** (+/−)74/4253/4221/0
HE** (+/−)29/8718/7711/10
CS** response (+/−)29/1220/29/10

; ; variables significantly different in nonsurvivors versus survivors; #Alb: albumin (NR 3.2–4.8); ALT: alanine aminotransferase (normal range (NR) <31); AP: alkaline phosphatase (NR 45–129); AST: aspartate aminotransferase (NR <34); CS: corticosteroids; Crea: creatinine (NR 0.5–1.1); CRP: C-reactive protein (NR 0.0–5.0); F: female; GGT: gamma-glutamyl transpeptidase (NR <50.0); HE: hepatic encephalopathy; Hgb: hemoglobin (NR 14.0–18.0); INR: International Normalized Ratio (NR 0.8–1.2); M: male; Na: sodium (NR 136–145); PLT: platelets (NR 130–400); PT: prothrombin time (NR 10.4–13.0); q25: first quartile; q75: third quartile, RBC: red blood cells (NR 4.5–6.1); SD: standard deviation, Tbil: total bilirubin (NR 0.3–1.2); WBC: white blood cells (NR 4.8–10.8).