Research Article

Comparison of Prostate-Specific Promoters and the Use of PSP-Driven Virotherapy for Prostate Cancer

Figure 3

Southern of RT-PCR to determine lacZ mRNA expression. RNA extracted from prostates and various organs at necropsy were subjected to RT-PCR using primers specific to E. coli lacZ gene. The expected RT-PCR product was a 1036 bp band (shown by arrow). The RT-PCR gel was transferred to a Nylon membrane and the blot was hybridized with a labeled probe which was the purified 1036 bp PCR product from lacZ plasmid. Shown are the RT-PCR Southern blots of dogs injected intraprostatically by AdRSVlacZ (a), AdPSAlacZ (b), AdMMTVlacZ (c), and AdPBlacZ (d).