Table 3: Effect of NA-2 (5 mg/kg dose) on the time course of the development of inflammation as shown by increase in paw volume.

Experimental groupMean ± SEM of paw volume (mL)/day of recording

Arthritic control
Arthritis + indomethacin (5 mg/kg)
Arthritis + NA-2 (5 mg/kg)
NA-2 only (5 mg/kg)

The value in the table represents the mean ± SEM of 12 animals/group. A significant increase in paw volume (  < 0.034) of arthritic animal compared to normal animals was observed from day 12 onward (  < 0.00) until the end of experiment. Treatment with indomethacin decreases paw volume significantly (## < 0.05) from day 12 till the end. Treatment with NA-2 decreases paw volume of arthritic which significantly decreases from day 12 (# < 0.00) compared to control arthritic group.