BioMed Research International / 2013 / Article / Fig 7

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Platelet-Rich Fibrin Promotes Periodontal Regeneration and Enhances Alveolar Bone Augmentation

Figure 7

PRF application simultaneous with dental implant surgery. (a)–(e) Case I and (f)–(l) Case II, (a)–(c) and (f)–(i) are intraoral micrographs, and (d), (e), and (j)–(l) are X-rays. Case I: (a) reveals a 2.5 mm gap at the mesial aspect of the implant replacing the upper left incisor, (b) illustrates PRF placement in the gap between implant and adjacent alveolar bone, (c) demonstrates healing of the implant site and healthy gingiva three months after implant placement, (d) X-ray documenting gap between implant and alveolar bone immediately after implant placement (Case I), and (e) X-ray demonstrating new alveolar bone formation at the site of PRF application three months after implant placement (Case I). Case II: (f) extraction socket of a lower left molar immediately after tooth extraction, (g) implant placement and filling of bone-deficient peri-implant space with PRF, (h) healing of surgery site and PRF implant five days after surgery, (i) healthy soft tissue surrounding implant three months after implant placement, (j) X-ray of decayed lower left molar treated in Case II prior to extraction, (k) X-ray of implant taken immediately after surgery. (l) X-ray illustrating new alveolar bone formation three months after surgery. Note the disappearance of the bony defect between implant and adjacent sockets. The black bar drawn in the implant center on the radiographs ((d), (e), (k), and (l)) represents the distance from the foramen apical to the cervical-most margin of the surrounding alveolar bone.