Review Article

Morphogenetic Mechanisms in the Cyclic Regeneration of Hair Follicles and Deer Antlers from Stem Cells

Figure 1

Structure of a mature hair follicle (HF) at the late anagen phase (a) and an antler unit (AU) at the growing phase (b). HF consists of a permanent part (PEP) and a cyclic part (CYP). The bulge ((a), Inset 1) locates at the site where arrector pili muscle (arrow head) attaches to the permanent part and contains HF stem cells, and the bulb ((a), Inset 2) at the proximal end of the cyclic part and contains the growth centre including dermal papilla (DP). HF also contains a sebaceous gland (asterisk) and a sweat gland (heart). AU consists of a permanent part (pedicle, Pe) and a cyclic part (antler, An). The pedicle periosteum (PP; (b), Inset 1) envelops pedicle bone and contains antler stem cells, and the growth centre (GC; (b), Inset 2) locates in the tip of a growing antler.