Table 1: Genes involved in plant responses to stress.

Stress Reference

14.3.3 gene family (GF14b, GF14c)Salinity, drought, fungal[9]
MAPKAbiotic and biotic stresses[10]
MEKK1 and ANP1Environmental stress[11, 12]
MPK3, MPK4 and MPK6Abiotic stress (pathogens) and oxidative stress[10, 13]
CBF/DREB families (CBF1, CBF2, DREB2A)Drought, cold, salinity[47, 82]
HVA1Salinity and drought[83]
Glycerol-3-phosphate acyltransferase geneCold[84]
ICSPathogens, UV light[85]
LOXWounding, drought, and pathogens[86, 87]
bZIPs family (e.g., ABF1, ABF2)Drought, temperature, salinity[2433]
WRKY family (AtWRKY2, AtWRKY6, AtWRKY18)Pathogens, wounding, salinity, temperature, drought, oxidative stress[37]
ATAFWounding, drought, salinity, cold, pathogens