Table 2: Proteins and enzymes involved in plant responses to stress.


ERF familyCold, drought, pathogen infection, wounding, ET, SA, and JA[19]
bZIPs family (e.g., ABF1, ABF2)Drought, temperature, salt[2433]
WRKYPathogens, wounding, salinity, temperature, drought, oxidative stress[3639]
MYB family (AtMYB15, AtMYB30, AtMYB33 AtMYB60, AtMYB96, AtMYB101 AtMYB15, and AtMYB108)Biotic and abiotic stress (pathogens, drought, cold)[4046]
NACDrought, salinity, cold[22, 23]
MYCEnvironmental stresses[47]
LEA family (PMA 80, PMA 1959)Salinity and drought[71]
Heat shock proteinsTemperatures[74, 75]
LOX family (e.g., LOX1)Wounding, drought, and pathogens[86, 87]
Glutathione peroxidase, superoxide dismutase, ascorbate peroxidases, and glutathione reductasesOxidative stress[68, 70]