Table 1: Disaccharide composition of CS chains in the control- and 4S6ST-shRNA/LLC cells. The GAG-peptide preparation from each cell line was digested with a mixture of chondroitinases ABC and AC-II and analyzed by anion-exchange HPLC after labeling with a fluorophore 2AB as detailed in Section 2.

Wild typeGalNAc4S-6ST-shRNAControl-shRNA
No. 7No. 17No. 23No. 5No. 10No. 14

pmol/mg acetone powder (mol%)b

675 (93.6)209 (98.1)321 (99.4)243 (98.9)1,273 (94.4)867 (93.8)487 (91.0)
46 (6.4)4 (1.9)2 (0.5)3 (1.1)75 (5.6)57 (6.2)48 (9.0)

Total721 (100)213 (100)323 (100)246 (100)1,348 (100)924 (100)535 (100)

and represent HexUA-GalNAc(4- -sulfate), and HexUA-GalNAc(4- -, 6- -disulfate), respectively. No other disaccharide units including , or were detected (data not shown). , and stand for HexUA-GalNAc, HexUA-GalNAc(6- -sulfate) and HexUA(2- -sulfate)-GalNAc(6- -disulfate), respectively.
Values are expressed in pmol of disaccharide per mg acetone powder as starting materials from the cells and calculated based on the peak areas of the disaccharides detected by anion-exchange HPLC (Figures 1(b) and 1(c)).