Figure 3: (a) Brain regions activated by the AP addition task (contrasted to the EX addition task) in the nontrained group. (b) Comparison of the mean beta values of these brain regions between two tasks. Uppercase letters in the parenthesis represent these brain regions. (A): cerebellum; (B): left insula; (C): right insula; (D): left thalamus; (E): right thalamus; (F): right striatum; (G): left striatum; (H): left precentral sulcus; (I): right precentral sulcus; (J): left middle occipital lobule; (K): right middle occipital lobule; (L): left inferior parietal lobule; (M): left superior parietal lobule; (N): right angular; (O): left precuneus; (P): SMA; (Q): left superior frontal lobule. ( , FDR corrected; Voxel sizes > 30).