Table 2: Characteristics of all studies reporting patients with hepatoblastoma evaluated by PET or PET/CT.

AuthorsYearJournalCountryStudy designNumber of patientsDevice usedSex of patientsMean age (years)Indication

Sironi et al. [14]2004 American Journal of RoentgenologyItalyCase report1PET/CT1 M4Restaging after Tx
Wong et al. [15]2004 Journal of Pediatric SurgeryHong KongRetrospective16PET8 M; 8 F2Restaging after Sx
Figarola et al. [12]2005 Pediatric RadiologyUSACase report1PET/CT1 M3Restaging after Sx
Philip et al. [16]2005 Pediatric Surgery InternationalAustraliaCase series3Coregistered PET and CTNR3Restaging after Sx
Mody et al. [17]2006 Pediatric Blood and CancerUSAProspective5PET3 M; 2 F2Restaging after Sx; response evaluation after Ch

M: male; F: female; Tx: liver transplantation; Sx: surgery; Ch: chemotherapy.