Figure 6: (a) Representative IF images demonstrating the difference in the regular oval nuclear morphology exhibited by pcDNA control and TrkAI SH-SY5Y transfectants, compared to the lobulated nuclei in TrkAIII SH-SY5Y transfectants, plus the inhibition of nuclear lobulation in TrkAIII SH-Sy5Y transfectants following incubation with CEP-701 (100 nM for 16 hours) and nocodazole (10 μg/mL for 2 hours). (b) Representative IF images demonstrating the intracellular distribution of endogenous TrkAIII (green), α-tubulin positive MTs (red), TrkAIII/α-tubulin overlap (yellow/orange), and DAPI-stained nuclei (blue) in human U251 cells, plus IF images demonstrating the capacity of nocodazole (10 μg/mL for 2 hours) and CEP-701 (100 nM for 16 hours) to inhibit nuclear lobulation in U251 cells.