Table 6: Cox regression analysis of the overall risk of the primary outcome of progressive renal insufficiency, according to baseline prognostic factors ( ).

VariableHazard ratio (95% CI)* value

Age (each increment of 1 yr)0.98 (0.94–1.02)0.337
Female sex1.83 (0.87–3.83)0.111
Smoking (no versus yes)0.75 (0.26–2.12)0.582
Baseline body-mass index (each increment of 1 kg/m2)0.90 (0.81–0.99)0.023
Previous cardiovascular diseases (no versus yes)0.55 (0.24–1.29)0.170
MAP (mmHg) (each increment of 1 mmHg)1.03 (1.00–1.06)0.088
Cholesterol (mg/dL) (each increment of 1 mg/dL)1.00 (0.99–1.01)0.822
Triglycerides (mg/dL) (each increment of 1 mg/dL)1.00 (1.00-1.00)0.937
HbA1c (%) (each increment of 1%)0.98 (0.83–1.16)0.806
Baseline serum creatinine (each increment of 1 mg/dL)0.29 (0.06–1.29)0.104
Body lead burden (each increment of 1 μg)1.01 (1.01–1.02)<0.001
Baseline daily protein intake (each increment of 1 g/kg)0.41 (1.06–1.44)0.462
Baseline daily protein excretion (each increment of 1 g)1.24 (1.12–1.42)0.008

Cardiovascular diseases included ischemic heart disease, congestive heart failure, stroke, and diabetic foot. MAP: mean arterial pressure.