Table 2: Comparison of the methods used for ALK fusion detection in present study.

FISHIHCReal-time RT-PCRTargeted resequencing

Fusion types detectableNo fusion specificationNo fusion specificationOnly EML4-ALK fusionsAll kind of fusions
Sensitivity10–15%5–10%1–5%Not determined
Time used for analysis2-3 daysHalf a day1 day10 days
CostMedium (~200 euros)Low (~20 euros)Medium (~150 euros)High (~1000 euros)
Is FFPE material applicable?YesYesYesYes
Amount of material requiredOne tissue section (2.5  m thick)One tissue section (2.5  m thick)0.1–0.5  g of RNA2-3  g of DNA
Possibility to see large range of other gene mutations in one analysisNoNoNoYes
The applicability to average laboratory of pathologyFor most of the laboratoriesFor all laboratoriesFor some of the laboratoriesOnly for some laboratories