Figure 1: Relative expression of E. histolytica mRNA in trophozoites transfected with different amounts of a mix of si 154-Gln6Pi and si 229-Gln6Pi determined by RT-PCR. Trophozoites (about cells) were transfected with the siRNAs mix at indicated amounts by soaking during 16 h at 37°C. Afterwards, mRNA was extracted and RT-PCR performed using oligonucleotides showed in Table 1. Relative expression was determined by densitometry with respect to the constitutive expression of E. histolytica ADP-ribosylating factor (ARF), which was also used as loading control. CTR (+): basal expression of Gln6Pi in trophozoites; CTR (siRNA): trophozoites transfected with scrambled-sequence siRNA-A.