Table 1: Cell number of HaCaT keratinocytes and integrin expression on the cell surface 24 h after exposure to different stimuli. Cells were either treated for 300 s with DBD/air plasma (6 independent experiments), DBD/argon plasma (8 independent experiments), hydrogen peroxide (6 independent experiments), or ozone (2 independent experiments), which was generated by a Laboratory Ozonizer and monitored by FT-IR. Results are expressed as % of untreated cells for plasma treatment and % of oxygen (100%) treated cells for ozone. n.d.: not determined.

DBDH2O2Ozone (ppm)
AirArgon100 μM ~100~400~1000~1800

Cell number1
α 2-Integrin1
α 5-Integrin1 n.d. n.d.n.d.n.d.n.d.
α 6-Integrin1 n.d.
β 1-Integrin1
β 3-Integrin1 n.d. n.d.n.d.n.d.n.d.

Mean ± SEM.