Figure 2: Association between expression levels and promoter methylation status in non-CGI genes. (a) The median expression values of the ten bins shown in Figure 1(c) are plotted as a function of the median pG count in each bin (black circle). Each bin is further divided into two halves according to pG count, and the median expressions of the genes with high and low methylation levels are represented by up and down pointing triangles, respectively. (b) same as (a), but the bins are divided according to the number of pGs (as in Figure 1(d)), and the up and down pointing triangles represent the median expression levels of the genes with high and low pG counts. Bins in which the difference in the expression pattern between the two subbins was significant ( ; Mann-Whitney one side test) are marked by an asterisk. The error bars were omitted for clarity and the full distribution of the expression levels of the two groups in each bin in (a) and (b) is presented in Figures S1 and S2, respectively. Essentially the same results were obtained with a different set of methylome and transcriptome data [13] (Figure S13).