Figure 2: (a) Purification of myotoxins: ion exchange column of Panama B. asper venom (300 mg) on a CM-Sepharose column equilibrated with AMBIC 0.05 M pH 8.0 and eluted with a concentration gradient of AMBIC up to 1 M at a flow rate of 1.5 mL/minute. Inserted: SDS-PAGE 12%. Samples: MW (molecular weight markers); (1) pMTX-I (20 μg); (2) pMTX-II (20 μg); (3) pMTX-III (20 μg); (4) pMTX-IV (20 μg). (b) Comparison of the N-terminal amino acid sequence of phospholipases A2 isolated from Panama B. asper venom: pMTX-I and III belong to the subgroup Asp49, whereas pMTX-II and IV belong to the subgroup Lys49 when compared with myotoxin III (P20474-PA21 BOTAS) Asp49 and myotoxin II (P24605-PA2H2 BOTAS) Lys49 from Costa Rica B. asper venom.