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Metabolomics in Plants and Humans: Applications in the Prevention and Diagnosis of Diseases

Table 1

A comparison between the most used methods applied to metabolomic research.


HPLC-MSa, b, cHigh sensitivity, nonvolatile metabolites, expensive[12, 13]
GC-MSa, cHigh sensitivity, only volatile compounds, nonexpensive[14, 15]
NMRb, d, eFor highly abundant metabolites, nondestructive, very reproducible, low sensitivity[16]
MSa, b, c, d, eHigh sensitivity, usually coupled with other techniques[17]
Raman spectroscopyeLow resolution, sensitivity, automated, high throughput[18]

Ref: a: metabolite target analysis; b: metabolite profiling; c: metabolomics; d: metabolite flux analysis; e: metabolic fingerprinting. MS: mass spectrometry; HPLC-MS: high-performance liquid chromatography-MS; GS-MS: gas chromatography-MS; NMR: nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy.