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Metabolomics in Plants and Humans: Applications in the Prevention and Diagnosis of Diseases

Table 3

Recent applications of metabolomics in plant biotechnology.

OrganismApplicationTechnology usedReference

Catharanthus roseus Improvement of the production of anticancer indole alkaloid by overexpression of ORCA3 and G10H in C. roseus plantsNMR[68]
Panicum virgatum  (switchgrass)Increased amounts of phenolic acids and a monolignol analog associated with more facile cell wall deconstructionGC-MS[69]
Solanum tuberosum (L)Increased drought tolerance by expression of trehalose-6-phosphate synthase 1GC-MS[70]
Oryza sativa Modulation of salt tolerance by reduction of OsSUT1 (O. sativa sucrose transporter 1) expressionGC-TOF-MS[71]
Arabidopsis thaliana Distinguish transgenic and nontransgenic plantsNMR[72]
Solanum Lycopersicum Higher accumulation of flavonoids and thus nutritional value in tomato plants carrying a mutation in HP1/LeDDB1 geneLC-ESI-MS/MS[73]