Table 5: Fluoroquinolone and tetracycline sensitivity/resistance of Campylobacter jejuni/coli isolates by MLST profile from broilers on Farms A and B in Grenada.

Farm/antimicrobial usedCCSTAntimicrobial sensitivity/resistance

Farm A-fluoroquinoloneST-44351 (3)SS
51 (2)RS
ST-8281173 (1)SS
1173 (4)RS
ST-6072927 (1)RS
ST-353353 (3)RS
5490 (1)SS
5490 (1)RS
No CC assigned5491 (4)RS

Farm B-tetracyclineST-354354 (10)SS
354 (3)SR
ST-464464 (2)SS
464 (1)SR
No CC assigned5491 (2)SS

CC: clonal complex.
ST: sequence types.
Numbers in parentheses after each ST denote the number of isolates.
S: sensitive.
R: resistant.