Figure 6: T-cell proliferation assays. Eight weeks after transplantation, T cells were isolated from LEW.1W rats transplanted with either RT1-A-expressing or RT1-A-silenced fibroblasts, stained with CFSE, and cocultured in vitro in the presence of RT1-A-expressing fibroblasts for 8 days. ((a)–(d)) Representative experiment for determination of proliferation rates of T cells isolated from (a) LEW rats transplanted with RT1-A-expressing fibroblasts, (b) LEW rats transplanted with RT1-A-silenced fibroblasts, (c) LEW.1W rats transplanted with RT1-A-expressing fibroblasts, and (d) LEW.1W rats transplanted with RT1-A-silenced fibroblasts. Values are represented as mean and standard deviation of five independent experiments. Two-way ANOVA was used to calculate statistically significant differences between groups. Statistical significance is indicated by asterisks (* , ** , *** ).