Figure 3: Chromatograms at m/z 569.4, m/z 573.4, and m/z 593.5 for the 5 consecutive injections of the same pooled M-CSF sample processed for F4-NPs analysis (CSF-1 to CSF-5) and the 4 subsequent injections of undecane alone (Wash-1 to Wash-4). The chromatograms in the range of 3.6 min to 8.6 min (the end of data acquisition) were compared. The peaks of F2-IsoPs at m/z 569.4 are indicated by the arrows. The peaks of [2H4]-15-F2t-IsoP at m/z 573.4 are indicated by the asterisks. The range of retention time for quantification of F4-NPs peaks at m/z 593.5, which is defined by that for the peaks of oxidized DHA, is indicated by the brace.