Table 1: Patients treated with Hyalomatrix PA: description and area of ulcers, complications, and results.

PatientAgeSexIndicationGrafted area cm2ComplicationResults

174MVenous ulcer175 NoneGood
283MVenous ulcer205 NoneGood
388MVenous ulcer125 NoneFair
480FVenous ulcer275 NoneGood
582MVenous ulcer150 NoneGood
664FVenous ulcer185 NoneGood
780FVenous ulcer125 NoneGood
873FVenous ulcer170 Infection under
978FVenous ulcer145 NoneGood
1073MVenous ulcer175 NoneGood
1172FVenous ulcer150 Infection under
Hyalomatrix and silicone detachment
1277MVenous ulcer135 NoneFair
1386MVenous ulcer55 NoneGood
1476FVenous ulcer95 NoneGood
1574FVenous ulcer125 NoneGood
1675MVenous ulcer150 NoneGood