Figure 4: Regulation of MxA and OAS expression. (a, b) IFNγ-induced expression of OAS remained unaffected after application of PAR2 agonist. But PAR2 agonist synergizes with IFNγ to elevate MxA expression at 16 hrs, although this effect was not evident at early time points (4 hrs). (c, d) MxA expression was further analysed on protein level. Similar to mRNA results, concomitant stimulation with PAR2 agonists and IFNγ induced MxA protein (at 20 hrs time point). In contrast, IFNγ upregulated MxA only slightly and nonsignificantly. For students t-test: #,* ; ** . The symbol * marks the significance as compared to control and the symbol # as compared to IFNγ sample. (d) Densitometric results were received for Western blot samples. Wilcoxon matched-pair signed rank test was applied for analysis: * as compared to control.