Figure 2: Analyses of nineteen human oocytes at different stages of maturity on the expression of fifty-six genes related to pluripotent stem cells and oocytes using a Fluidigm Real-Time system confirmed three outstanding oocytes (two MI and one IVM oocyte). (a) heatmap clustering (Ward’s Algorithm, Euclidean Distance Measure), (b) hierarchical clustering (Ward’s Algorithm, Euclidean Distance Measure), (c) principal component analysis (PCA) legend for (a) red—expressed, green—nonexpressed; legend for (b) and (c) aquamarine—GV oocytes, blue—metaphase I oocytes, red—MII oocytes, dark red—IVM oocytes. Analyzed genes: VASA, GPR125, DAZL, KIT, KIT-LIG, STELLA, GFRa1, PLZF, OCT4B, OCT4A, LIN28, GDF3, NANOG, MYC, KLF4, SOX2, UTF1, TDGF1, DNMT3B, LIN28B, TERT, CD9, NANOS, CDH1, STAT3, REX01, DNMT1, BMP15, ZP1, ZP2, ZP3, ZP4, SCP1, SCP2, SCP3, SMC1A, FSTL1, CCNB1, BNC1, BUB1, BUB3, NOBOX, MSH5, NLRP5, FMN2, HIFOO, MEST, CRKRS, MLH1, ZAR1, REC8, PRDM1, SAT1, FIGLA, STAG3, and DMC1.