Figure 2: The homologous regions among P. acnes pIMPLE-HL096PA1, P. humerusii HL044PA1, and C. leptum DSM 753. (a) The 74 ORFs encoded on the plasmid pIMPLE-HL096PA1 are shown. ORFs PAGK_2344–PAGK_2378 (blue), including the Tad locus (pink), are shared among all three genomes. In addition, several ORFs are shared between P. acnes and P. humerusii (orange). ORFs unique to P. acnes are shown in grey. Absence of P. acnes homologous ORFs in P. humerusii or C. leptum is shown in white. (b) Organizations of the ORFs shared among all three genomes. (c) The sequence coverage of the contigs in three P. humerusii strains (HL037PA2, HL037PA3, and HL044PA1) that share homologous genes with pIMPLE-HL096PA1 is 3–5-folds higher than the contigs that do not share homologous genes with pIMPLE-HL096PA1.