Table 1: Juglans regia extract helped enhance the efficacy of synthetic antibiotics and overcame the resistant phenotype. Data are presented as the mean ± standard error of three independent experiments.

AntibioticZone of inhibition, mm (antibiotic alone)Zone of inhibition, mm (antibiotic + Juglans regia extract) value*

Aztreonam (MDR Salmonella typhi) <0.01
Cefuroxime (MDR Salmonella typhi) <0.01
Ampicillin (MDR Salmonella typhi) <0.001
Aztreonam (MDR enteropathogenic E. coli) <0.01
Cefixime (MDR enteropathogenic E. coli) >0.05
Ampicillin (MDR enteropathogenic E. coli) >0.01

values were calculated using one-tailed paired -test.