Table 1: Mortalities and LD50 values of female Swiss Webster mice after a single subcutaneous administration of wild type rIFN-α2b or mutein rIFN-α2bC2DC99D.

GroupSubstances mortalityResponse (%)LD50

ControlWater for injection600 9.75 mg/kg BW
IWild type rIFN-α2b D1600
IIWild type rIFN-α2b D2600
IIIWild type rIFN-α2b D3600
IVrIFN-α2bC2DC99D D1600
VrIFN-α2bC2DC99D D2600
VIrIFN-α2bC2DC99D D3600

D1 = 97.5  g/kg BW, D2 = 975  g/kg BW, and D3 = 9.75 mg/g BW.