Table 6: Effects of plant extracts on sodium azide (NaN3) mutant frequency.

TreatmentMutant frequency and % of NaN3#
1 mg/mL5 mg/mL1 mg/mL5 mg/mL

NaN36.70 (100)
I4.80 (72)a0.85 (13)a7.67 (114)5.81 (87)
II3.13 (47)a0.28 (4)a7.05 (105)0.60 (9)a
III0.53 (8)a0.32 (5)a0.34 (5)a0.24 (4)a
IV1.53 (23)a0.45 (7)a1.77 (26)a0.49 (7)a
V0.24 (4)a0.34 (5)a1.33 (20)a0.77 (11)a

Calculated from mutant colonies (Table 4)/viable colonies. *Plant extracts were incubated with bacteria either 30 minutes before NaN3 (preexposure) or incubated with the bacteria and NaN3 (coexposure). aSignificant difference (P < 0.05) from NaN3.